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Controllers Not Included
Includes Custom-designed Bat with Grip for an authentic feel to the game. Requires Oculus/Meta Quest 2.
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Free Delivery by iB Cricket
Ships within 3 days. Usually delivered within 1 week**
iB Cricket bat greatly enhances the game experience, and it can only be used with the Oculus/Meta Quest 2. Here is how you can get it:
Option 1: For Immediate Purchase
Many iB Cricket players are buying the custom designed bat through Shoppre, a service
which provides access to shop Indian products across the globe.
Instructions to purchase iB Cricket Bat via Shoppre
To know more, visit Shoppre website
Option 2: Join waitlist to purchase directly through iB Cricket Website
iB Cricket is creating partnerships to ship the bat across the globe. 
It will take atleast 3 months to make the bat available globally on iB Cricket website.
Please leave your email here to get notified.
What’s Included?
Controllers Not Included
Custom-designed Bat with Grip for an authentic feel to the game.
Bat and Controller Setup Guide
Spare parts
Requires Oculus/Meta Quest 2
Ships within 3 days. Usually delivered within 1 week**
Reviews By Customers
iB Cricket Bat has taken my game to another level!
Feels like a real bat, protects my VR controllers.
- krgc
The bat is offering an even better immersive gameplay
Providing a superior experience compared to the controller.
- gouthamvarma11
iB Cricket Bat is as close as it gets to a professional bat
Authentic weight distribution. Pure cricketing joy!
- ganta.1998
I can play my shots with confidence
iB Cricket Bat's grip is impressive! Feels like the real deal.
- Raghu07m
Love the added protection for my VR controllers!
With iB Cricket Bat, it feels like swinging a real bat in virtual stadiums.
- MaddaliManvith
Bat accessory is totally worth it.
Delivery team needs to be lauded for going out of their way and delivering the bat as per our flight schedules.
- Sandy
Ships within 3 days. Usually delivered within 1 week**

Frequently Asked Questions


Is the bat compatible with Quest 3?

We are actively working on making adjustments to ensure it is compatible with the Quest-3 Controllers.

How to buy iB Cricket bat outside India?

Please refer to know the options to buy iB Cricket Bat outside India.

Where do I track my order?

Once the Bat is shipped (within 3 days), you'll receive a tracking link from our delivery partner to track your order and it is usually delivered within 7 days.

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