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Includes Oculus/Meta Quest 2*, 5 User Profile Game and Custom-designed Bat. No other device is required.
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(Includes Meta Quest 2: The Best Selling VR Headset)
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What’s Included?
An All-in-one Kit with Oculus/Meta Quest 2*, iB Cricket Game with 5 User Profiles and Custom-designed Bat for an authentic feel to the Game. No other device is required.
5 Game Profiles
Numerous In-Game Assets
Multiple difficulty levels, formats
Intense real-time PvP battles
Strategic Co-Op gameplay
Campaign Mode
VR Bowling
Global Tournaments
Campaign Mode
VR Bowling
Intense real-time PvP battles
Strategic Co-Op gameplay
Net Practice
AI Coach
Access to the discord community
Know More
Meta Quest 2 Headset (128 GB)
Two Touch Controllers
Two AA Batteries
Oculus/Meta Setup Guides
Charging Cable
Power Adapter
Glasses Spacer
The Oculus Store offers a wide collection of VR games and experiences for Meta Quest 2 users
Custom-designed Bat with Grip for an authentic feel to the game.
Bat and Controller Setup Guide
Spare parts
Ships within 3 days. Usually delivered within 1 week**
Reviewed on Oculus/Meta Store
Just go for it. No second thoughts!
There’s no exaggeration in saying that I bought Oculus Quest 2 just to play iB Cricket. Very close to real experience.
- Hawk
iB Cricket alone is worth the
Quest 2's price
iB Cricket is the first game you should play after you buy a Quest 2.
- Bittoo
A great way to blow off steam at the end of the day
It is a very real experience. There are many modes - campaign, player vs player, etc.
- Henry
Main reason to buy Oculus VR.
What a glorious game with immersive game experience. This is as close as it gets to real life cricket.
- Sandy
The best game I've played in 25 years.
You can have unlimited fun for the rest of your life, while getting cardio, and real life sport excitement.
- ai.x
Finally, a physical exercise that I enjoy.
My doctor accepted this as an alternative to traditional physical exercise.
- Vaxy
Our Favourite Family Pass Time!
My whole family enjoyed playing iB Cricket, including my grandma😀. Had fun casting the game on TV.
- Durga K
Only Game I play in Oculus Daily
The game feels so real that I can't get enough of it.
- Hidat Kahn
The best game in the entire VR ecosystem
This is the game I have played 95% on my oculus in the last 1.5 years!
- Wasim Qamar
Brought back my childhood memories
This is the only game I play these days. An absolute must buy for a cricket fan. You won't regret.
- Purna
Great Introduction to Cricket!
Being an American, I never played Cricket before. When this popped up, I got curious. Absolutely LOVED it! Well worth the price!
- CanyonVR
Review from an actual cricketer
Being a retired cricketer, I was blown with how well it captures the subtle nuances of batting. A truly great experience!
- Ghoulie79
Me and my son are enjoying it
A game where I can play cricket as close as a real game in a stadium. It was worth my money.
- Samir Desai
Best Game Ever!!
As a cricket nut, this game is perfect. It’s the only game I play on my headset. If it wasn’t for work I’d spend the whole day on it!
- Weebso
WOW, Stunning! Thrilled! No words!
I have been playing in VR from many years, especially sports games. Never seen a game this good! It brings out my real emotions!!
- Rohbav
Feels like a super star when I hit 6
My daily go-to game. Graphics are pretty impressive. Competitive side of the game - daily PvP, tournaments are fun.
- SOisTheMAN
Excellent game to practice Cricket
A great way to practice correct positioning and stroke play. Looking forward to delving into the leagues as I master the game.
- Brian
As close you can get to real cricket
I play almost everyday. It’s worth every dollar I spent.
- Kia
My favourite game in VR
iB Cricket is the reason I take my headset even when I go on a holiday. If you like cricket, or VR sports in general, try this one.
- Barsiem
I play with my elder brother and it's quite fun.
Local multiplayer is nice. I absolutely love this game. I almost play it everyday.
- Anirban
Best game on the Quest 2
When I want to impress someone with Quest 2, I let them play iB Cricket and it never fails! Even with non-cricket fans.
- Andy
You really feel like you're at the crease.
Very impressed!! Bouncers in net sessions are very realistic and you actually feel in danger of being hit.
- adam
I'm hooked!
This is hands down my favorite VR game out there. It allowed me to play right from my home while enjoying a realistic experience
- Sumukh Rao
Takes me back to my youth
An incredibly feature rich, immersive and totally addictive game! A game that is worth buying Quest 2.
- Dave
Really brilliant, great coaching tool
To my surprise, it was super immersive, physics was spot-on and coaching tool actually helped me sort out my batting.
- Jaques Naude
Reliving my best childhood memories
I have been playing iB Cricket for almost a month now and it can’t get better than this.
- Hind Ustani
Ships within 3 days. Usually delivered within 1 week**


Feel the roar of 60,000 fans cheering for you as you make your debut at any one of the many impressive stadiums.
Compete with friends & family
Challenge your friends and show off your cricketing skills, with PvP. Strategise and setup the fielding and bowling to your opponents. Amplify the fun.
Join your friend from across the world. Banter, bond, and chase the target together for an unbeatable gaming experience.
Craft an inspiring journey from a backyard player to a global star. Explore new stadiums as you grow into a champion with the campaign mode!
Short pitch. Good length. Full length — hit the target areas on the pitch with the right swing of your controller. Score points and top the leaderboard.
Playoffs? Leagues? Compete with your friends and seize control of the game. Feel your heartbeat rise in your own adrenaline-fueled atmosphere!
Hone Your Game with Net Practice
Build muscle memory in net practice with a bowling machine. Customize the line, length, pace, swing and spin to master specific shots.
Learn to play different types of balls. Improve your batting technique and perfect your skills with an Artificial Intelligence powered coach.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is iB Cricket?

iB Cricket is the World's Most Played Virtual Reality (VR) Cricket Game. Put on a VR headset and instantly find yourself at the centre of a huge stadium. Experience the thrill of hitting massive sixes like a star cricketer with thousands of fans cheering for you.

iB Cricket comes with numerous features
- Global Tournaments
- Intense Real-time PvP Battles
- Strategic Co-Op Gameplay
- Campaign Mode
- VR Bowling
- Net Practise
and much more...

Watch Trailer :

What's included in Home Kit?

iB Cricket Home Kit includes

1. Meta Quest 2 128GB VR Headset
2. iB Cricket Game With 5 User Profiles
3. iB Cricket Custom Designed Bat

Apart from iB Cricket, Meta store offers various other free and paid games that you can download and enjoy on your Meta Quest 2 headset.

How much space is required to play iB Cricket?

You just need to arrange a 6ft. X 6ft. temporary space whenever you want to play iB Cricket.

What is the Price of the Home Kit?

iB Cricket Home Kit costs 48,000/- (53,000/-)

Kit includes:
1. Meta Quest 2 128GB
2. iB Cricket Game with 5 User Profiles
3. iB Cricket Custom Designed Bat

Apart from iB Cricket, Meta store offers various other free and paid games that you can download and enjoy on your Meta Quest 2 headset.

What is the difference between 5-profile game purchased from the iB Cricket website and the 1-profile game available on the Meta Store?

5-profile game comes with 5 user profiles where you can,

- Set up personalized profiles for yourself and your friends, family, or kids, and build your own scores and achievements.
- Make your home the best hangout spot. Have friendly competitions and spend fun and exciting time together.
- Switch between profiles easily and try out multiple strategies while taking part in tournaments.
- Spend quality time with your kids while nurturing a sportive spirit in them.

5-profile game is more fun and inclusive, whereas the single profile game is for 1 person use only.

Do I need a TV, PC or a Laptop to play iB Cricket?


The all-in-one Home Kit is all you need to play iB Cricket. You just need to download iB Cricket game on Quest 2 headset, setup the bat, and you're ready to play!

However, you have an option to cast the game on a screen such as a smart TV, so that others can enjoy watching you play.

Can we play any other games on Meta Quest 2?

Certainly! The Meta Quest store offers a wide variety of games (both free and paid), that you can download and enjoy on your Quest 2 headset.

- PUBG like games such as Population One
- Action games like Assassin's Creed
- Educational Apps like Programmer VR
- Fitness games like FitXR
- Travel Experiences like Wander

and much more...

Is iB Cricket compatible with Meta Quest 3?

iB Cricket game is compatible with Meta Quest 3. You can play the game with Meta Quest 3 controllers.

However, as for as playing with the bat, we are actively working on making adjustments to ensure it is compatible with the Quest-3 Controllers.

What is the minimum age to use Meta Quest 2?

Meta states that Meta accounts are available for people aged 10+ in Meta Quest 2 VR headset. The headset is designed with adjustable straps to ensure a comfortable fit for users of different ages and head shapes.

For your country specific age limits, please refer

Can I use the Quest 2 VR Headset while wearing my spectacles?

Meta Quest 2 comes with a glasses spacer in the box for wearing eyeglasses/spectacles while using the headset. Before installing the glasses spacer, check to make sure the width and height of your frames are the following sizes:

Width: 142mm or less
Height: 50mm or less

To know more, please refer

Can 2 people play with 1 person batting while the other bowling in iB Cricket?


If you are playing with two headsets, in PvP - Play with Friends Mode, a player can bowl in a headset and another player can bat in the other headset.

If you are playing with only 1 headset and both players are at the same place, in Local PvP Mode, a player can set bowling using iB Cricket Companion App on Laptop/PC and another player can put on the headset and bat in VR.

There's also an auto-match making feature, connecting you with players worldwide who are ready to play at that point in time.

Can we play online multiplayer ?

There are many multiplayer options in iB Cricket
1. PvP (with a friend or auto matchmaking, currently in beta)
2. Global Tournaments - Thousands of people play every month
3. Private Tournaments - You can host with your friends, or our community hosts many private tournaments. You can join our discord to know about these tournaments

iB Cricket Discord:

Where can I apply a coupon code or a referral code?

You can apply your coupon code or referral code during the checkout process.

How do I pay for the Order?

We accept payment via all Major Debit and Credit Cards. Bank EMI, Net Banking, Wallet Payment modes are also available.

You can choose your payment method at the checkout.

Is it safe to order on iB Cricket Website?

Ordering on is completely safe and secure! Our online payment is integrated with India’s leading payment gateway technology solutions provider, Razorpay.

Razorpay is compliant with leading industry standards such as ISO 27001, PCI DSS and SOC2.

What is the expected delivery duration? Where do I track my order?

1. For the game, soon after you complete the purchase, a game key will be sent to your registered email address. You can use this key in the Oculus app to download your game.

2. For Meta Quest 2 and Bat, once we ship the product (within 3 days), you'll receive a tracking link from our delivery partner to track your order and it is usually delivered within 7 days.

How can I buy Home Kit outside India?

We do not directly ship Home Kit as a package outside India. However, you can assemble your Home Kit outside India following the steps below:

1) You can buy Meta Quest 2 in your country
2) Buy iB Cricket game from
3) You can refer this guide to know how to purchase iB Cricket Bat outside India through Shoppre.

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