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Bat in world-class VR Stadiums.
Compete to become the First-ever Metaverse Superstar.

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Compete Globally
and Showcase the Cricketer in You

In India
Selection Tournaments
Grand Finale
Participate in a selection tournament when it's in your city.


Challenge the best players from over 10 Countries in the Extravagant Grand Finale
and Compete for the most-coveted title
of the First-Ever Metaverse Superstar

How can i participate?

Option 1
Selection Tournaments happen in
multiple cities. Participate when
it happens in or around your city.
Option 2
Participate from the comfort of
your home with iB Cricket Home Edition.
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People said that iB Cricket is amazing!
This game is my most played game on the quest 2! Why? It's a very real experience, and it's a great way to blow off steam at the end of the day.
- grubzy
I have 2 full time jobs,
I sometimes sacrifice my sleep over this game. lol.
- Anonymous user
As a former club cricketer who doesn’t have the time to play these days, I’m loving this.
My doctor accepted this as an alternative to traditional physical exercise. Finally, a physical exercise that I enjoy.
- Vaxy
Physics was spot-on and the coaching tool actually helped me sort out a batting problem I had at school in the first coaching session! 
- KoelJ
Being American,
I never played Cricket before... When this popped up, it got me curious. Absolutely LOVED it! Well worth the price!
- CanyonVR
iB Cricket makes me relive the moments of my high-school days.
- Maestrono1
- Zakaiter
iB Cricket is the reason I bought Oculus Quest 2.
- Hidatk
The only Game I play in Oculus 2 daily. The game feels so real that I can't get enough of it.
The first time I tried this game, I freaked at how real the cricket felt!
- User_936499712064377
Local multiplayer is nice. I play with my elder brother and it's quite fun.
- Oneyellowpeacock
This is the best vr cricket game out there for sure.
- ketansh12
Really brilliant, great coaching tool too.
- KoelJ
Batting feels realistic and it’s genuinely helped me with my shot selection in real cricket matches.
- SplitScreen21
Had fun casting the game on television. My whole family enjoyed playing the game, including my grandma (her first VR experience) 😀. This is our favorite family past time now.
- Durga Reddy Kothinti
iB Cricket is the reason I take my headset with me when I go away on holiday. If you like cricket, or vr sports in general, try this one out.
- Barsiem
There’s no exaggeration in saying that I bought oculus quest 2 for playing iB Cricket only. Very close to real experience. If you are a cricket fan, just go for it.
- Hawk
With iB Cricket, you can play entire matches without wasting your sunny Saturdays and wishing you had a more fulfilling hobby.
- Jonathan Cocks
Very impressed!! You really feel like you're at the crease. Bouncers in net sessions are very realistic and you actually feel in danger of being hit.
- Adam
Unmatched reality, out of the world analysis, superlative presentation!!
- Amogh
When I want to impress someone with Quest 2, I let them play iB Cricket and it never fails! Even with people who are not cricket fans.
- Andy


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Cool experience! iB Cricket is an amazing product. This vSport continues to grow and continues to become more and more like the real game.
- Brendon McCullum
(During iB Cricket Super Over League)
“It feels real!! I was excited, nervous and pumped. Anyone who knows how to hold a bat and swing can play. It's perfect!”
- Jason Roy
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“Absolutely loved playing iB Cricket. It’s amazing and very close to reality. I’m thrilled to walk into  this stadium and hit a boundary!”
- Stephen Fleming
test image
"What a debut after retirement! 45 now but feels like I'm 20 again! Excited to be back on the field hitting the ball out of the park with iB Cricket!"
- Herschelle Gibbs
(During iB Cricket Super Over League)
"It’s fantastic! Every cricket fan will love iB Cricket. The stadiums are world-class and give the same feeling like Eden Gardens, Wankhede or MCG."
- Virender Sehwag
(During iB Cricket Super Over League)
It’s been a fantastic experience. iB Cricket gives fans an opportunity to play cricket in world-classstadiums in front of packed houses.
- VVS Laxman
(During iB Cricket Super Over League)
Very lively and full of energy! It’s like playing cricket in international stadiums as the crowd cheers you on. The line and length of the ball was very accurate.
- Suresh Raina
(During iB Cricket Super Over League)
Brilliant. iB Cricket feels real. iB Cricket gives you a chance to feel like a cricketer and play in front of thousands of people."
- Harbhajan Singh
(During iB Cricket Super Over League)
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"So great! iB Cricket felt like playing real cricket. If you play this game, you’ll play it every day."
- Tillakaratne Dilshan
(During iB Cricket Super Over League)
“iB Cricket has lots of potential to become the next big thing. It's a revolution in cricket!”
- Sunil Gavaskar
"Very good and very accurate! I enjoyed batting a lot.  iB Cricket is for everyone. We can even do shadow practice with iB Cricket."
- Prithvi Shaw
(During iB Cricket Super Over League)
test image
test image
Graphics and features are pretty good! Only after taking the headset off, I realized that I am not in the stadium. The craze for cricket in non-cricketing nations will grow with iB Cricket.
- Shubman Gill
(During iB Cricket Super Over League)